Aerial view of "The Fry Recreation Center" known to the Ft. Huachuca soldiers as the Green Top. This 1949 image shows the green dome, which was covered with green asphalt roofing and also shows the Green Top Apts. The left of the photo is the Military Inn and the far right is Finley Tourist Cabins and Trailer Court. Courtesy Virginia Sherbundy Rogers/Henry Hauser Museum.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014


    Close up view of the Fry Recreation Center shows just how big the "dome" actually was in comparison to  the larger vehicles (buses) that were parked at the Green Top.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

1943 Fry, AZ

Aerial view of Fry, AZ shows a rare image, a little blurry, of the new Fry Recreation Center aka The Green Top. Courtesy Henry Hauser Museum.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Early 60s...

Neighborhood kids pose, with their books they received in Bible Study, in the backyard of Willie Mae Williams' (back row, with glasses) home on 10 W. Whitton St.. Courtesy The Bellantoni Family.

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Sue & Herbs September 1958

                       Gateway Times article.

YWCA March 1960

                     .....was located on Kayetan Dr. where the Pepsi warehouse is today. 
                      Gateway Times article.

YWCA February 1962

                   Gateway Times article.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

1943 Fort Huachuca..... of the New Cantonment Area on the east side of post. Fourteenth St. is now known as Brainard Rd. Outside the main gate (Fry gate) was the overland bus depot at the Canteen, a package liquor store that Paul Wolfe and Fred Whitton built in 1942. In 1944 Clarence Sherbunby bought the business from Mr. Whiiton and  became Sherbundy's Canteen Drug store. The map also shows the Gate Theater, the NCO building and The Fry Rec Center, better known as The Green Top. Courtesy Fort Huachuca Historical Museum.  

Thursday, October 10, 2013

200 North Ave. .... photo church members break ground for the First Baptist Church of Fry, Arizona on February 27, 1955. The church was built soon after. Courtesy First Baptist Church.

Now.... is The Pantano Christian Church.

Sunday, September 22, 2013


...lunch time at (the old) Buena High School. Yearbook photo.

Friday, September 13, 2013


1-Luther's Photo Supplies
2-Mac's Bent Elbow Saloon
3-Star Army Store
4-The old theater building
5-"Schlitz Beer" sign for what was Sherbundy's Canteen Drug and Package liquor Store. Today, the building is known as Bloom Country Florist.
On the right of photo is cement truck gassing up at Keating's Service Station.
  In January, 1954, Martin Rogers, Albert Drew, Acey Drew and Doug Killian came to Fry from Louisiana. The four of them saw potential in the tiny settlement called Fry; and Rogers, Killian and Drew rented the old theater building and turned it into a recreational spot with billiard tables and pinball machines. In 1956, Tony Shaieb took over the lease and kept it as a rec center. Caught on fire on Dec. 1957 and rebuilt it and opened as a playland arcade aka The Smoke Shop in 1965. 
  East of the theater a short distance was a vacant building with a dirt floor. Martin Rogers bought it with the idea of fixing it up to become the Star Army Store.
  Ray and Bee Moses, were both employed by Rogers at the Star Army Store in Leesville, Louisiana. The Moses' closed the store and were ordered by Rogers to strip the store in Leesville, "take everything including the light fixtures, pack everything and get a trucking company to move it to Arizona".
  Ray and Bee Moses chipped in and helped Martin Rogers put the Star Army Store and Tailor Shop together. By 1959, Sierra Vista was an active city and Ray lost no time getting involved with the junior chamber of commerce. He made the annual Christmas Parade his pet project and as the chairman of the Christmas Parade has kept it going year after year.
  The name of the store was changed from Star Army Store to Lee Martin Mens Shop in 1959. Mr. Rogers added on to the building, doubling the floor space, and changed the inventory to a complete line of men's wear and accessories. 
FYI: Ray and Bee Moses built and operated One Hour Martinizing Dry Cleaners, what is now Martin Cleaners. That is why both buildings ( the tattoo shop and Martin Cleaners) have the same front roof overhang.   

Courtesy Henry Hauser Museum