Sierra Vista, Arizona History

This is a 1942 oil on canvas painting by William E. Scott that measured 50 inches by 113 inches. Mr. Scott was the artist who painted the same image as a 120 foot mural with the same theme "New Peace With Victory" inside the Fry Army Recreation Center, also known as The Green Top. The GT was dedicated on March 27, 1943. Image provided by David Simpson.

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The Military Inn......

   .......was located on the corner of Fry Blvd and Carmichael Ave. the current location of the Wells Fargo Bank parking lot. Left image circa 1970. Right, August 1955 image shows the MI's seven foot wall to hold their dances under the stars. Courtesy The Bellantoni Family.

MI history according to the SV Historical Society.

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1965 Military Inn menu.

    Menu obtained by David Simpson from a man who's name is Les, who lives and works in Tombstone. Les was working at the MI and left when he joined the Army in 1966. Les also donated a copy of this menu to the SV Henry Hauser Museum.

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The MI always offered great entertainment.

                                  1964 Ads from the Gateway Times.  

POST OFFICE LOCATIONS - 1912 - present.

 Margaret Ziegan bought the building with the land on December 1911. Soon after she married Bill Carmichael and they ran the building as a store and post office. This building served as the post office when the community was called Overton; the name was later changed to Garden Canyon. In 1934 Lillian Fry became postmaster and in 1936 she moved the post office to the second location, 433 E. Fry Blvd. The community was called Fry, AZ until 1956 when the small town was incorporated and it became Sierra Vista. The same year the Fry store / post office burned down.                              
                              335 N. Garden Ave. is aka the Daisy Mae's Steak House building.
                              433 E. Fry Blvd. directly west of La Casita Restaurant.
                              264 W. Fry Blvd. was in The El Rancho Shopping Center.
                              316 E. Fry Blvd. is where Sparks Furniture is now.
                              96 S. Carmichael Ave. the now location of Sierra Vista Food Co-op.  

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Circa 1959........

    ........The Green Top apartments, launderette and drive-in Cafe. Opened their doors on March 27, 1943 and was demolished in 1962 to make room for McLellan's that opened on August 1963.  Image provided by David Santor.

The Gate Cafe........

    ......located next to The Service Club. One of the few places to get a home cooked meal in those days. Circa late 1940s - 1950s.

The Gate Cafe menu........

                      Date: unknown. Courtesy Dona Rogers.